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Events Calendar: Book Signing: Wolf in the Crosshairs with Susan Klaus

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Book Signing: Wolf in the Crosshairs with Susan Klaus


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10/26/2019 3:00 PM

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10/26/2019 4:00 PM

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The book is the third thriller in the Christian Roberts series. It tackles a timely topic in a story that is “…a fabulous adventure into the wilds. Christian Roberts is a hero for the ages”, according to USA Today best selling author Don Bruns, and “…An insightful, entertaining thriller that sheds light on an important environmental issue”, Kirkus Reviews.

Award-winning author Susan Klaus will be signing her newest thriller “Wolf in the Crosshairs”. This is Klaus’ latest book in the series featuring Sarasota beach bum turned eco-warrior Christian Roberts and his alter ego Captain Nemo who stops at nothing to save endangered species. This time it’s American gray wolves.

It is a timely topic as U.S. Fish and Wildlife seeks to remove them from the endangered species list in the lower 48 states, and there has been wholesale wolf slaughter in states that already have removed protection for the predators. The issue has made headlines with lawsuits from wildlife groups and celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio advocating for gray wolves and funding initiatives to save them.

“Wolf in the Crosshairs” is being released Oct. 16 in advance of National Wolf Awareness Week Oct. 20-26, and is the third book in the series of thrillers featuring the anti-hero Roberts, who in his last cause in “Shark Fin Soup” went up against the shark fin trade to save sharks, which play a vital role in the health of the world’s oceans. The first book in the series, “Secretariat Reborn” won the Florida Authors & Publishers Association Silver President Award for Best Adult Florida Fiction.

In “Wolf in the Crosshairs”, Roberts finds himself as much in the crosshairs as the wolves he is trying to save. Among those on his trail are law enforcement for a murder he didn’t commit, the FBI, which sees him as an eco-terrorist, a corrupt politician’s hired killer, and a deadly, love-struck hit man. The question to be answered is: can he expose a government conspiracy and overcome a powerful lobbying group to save the wolves along with himself and those who are helping him?

About the Author:
Susan Klaus is author of fantasies and thrillers, including “Flight of the Golden Harpy” (Tor Books) and the sequel, “Waylaid”, which won the RPLA for Best Fantasies. Klaus’ thrillers, “Secretariat Reborn” and “Shark Fin Soup” (Oceanview Publishing) also award-winners, placed her in Amazon Top 100 Authors of Mystery/Romance. The third fantasy in the Flight of the Golden Harpy trilogy, “Flight of the Golden Harpy III–The Offspring”, will be released in 2020. Klaus resides in Myakka City, Fla., and raises rodeo bulls.











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