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Events Calendar: *CANCELED* Matriarchy & the Moon | Luna 101 w/ Jaia Devi

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*CANCELED* Matriarchy & the Moon | Luna 101 w/ Jaia Devi


Annex - South

Start Time

10/8/2019 7:00 PM

End Time

10/8/2019 8:00 PM

All Day Event


Event Price

$30 or $40 including a 1 oz lunar medicine to take home.

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The Moon is the closest astronomical body to us and, therefore, has a profound influence upon us. Jaïa Devi understands the importance for us to remember this forgotten tradition of worshiping the moon.

Our moon mother is revered in many traditions and cultures around the globe! It's believed that the new moon, waxing moon, full moon, waning moon and the dark moon all have their own special energetics, and so intentional workings and rituals should be planned accordingly.

This 1-hour workshop is a remembrance of our traditional matriarchal ways. Come prepared to re-awaken intrinsic knowledge as you are guided on an exploration of lunar and matrilineal traditions around the globe. We will then delve into a study of the principal moon cycles for you to enrich your understanding of it and leave empowered in planning your movements respectively.

To foster space for an embodied experience in your physical, emotional and subtle body, you will receive a non-alcoholic herbal, crystal and lunar infusion made from flowers that were handpicked at the height of their bloom. As you attune to the healing power of plants, you then will be guided into a Luna Meditation to grow in your understanding of self, by taping into the moon’s energetics.

All participants will receive a handout and a lunar calendar for you to start planning your Luna love practice immediately!

~ Jaïa Devi is a medicine woman. Amazigh indigenous to North Africa, she was born in Colombia then raised in the tradition of herbalism in the mystical land of Morocco. She then carried on her studies of western herbalism, shamanism, eastern philosophy and mental health. She is an experienced therapeutic yoga teacher, Usui Reiki master teacher, herbalist, addiction counselor and the list goes on. Jaïa bridges her understanding of the mind, body & soul connection in her practice through a psychosomatic and eco-spiritual approach. Deeply rooted in trauma theory as well as in ancestral matriarch wisdom, Jaïa Devi cultivates an authentic and non-competitive space for growth.

Her classes, which are commonly infused with Flower Remedies and/or Reiki Healing Energy, are an invitation to explore your inner perceptions as you reconnect to your essence.











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