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Events Calendar: *CANCELED* Book Signing: Traditional Wicca w/ Thorn Mooney

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*CANCELED* Book Signing: Traditional Wicca w/ Thorn Mooney



Start Time

8/24/2019 3:00 PM

End Time

8/24/2019 4:30 PM

All Day Event


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Free event.

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While there are many powerful variations of contemporary Witchcraft, traditional Wicca offers unique experiences for those who seek it out. This book explores structured, coven-based styles of Wicca, in which the practitioners typically trace initiatory lineages back to Wicca’s early founders. Discussing covens, initiations, lineages, practices, ethics, and more, Traditional Wicca shares tips and ideas on how to get the most from this profound approach to Witchcraft.

Discover how to recognize healthy, reputable covens. Learn how to navigate the process of asking for training and succeeding in an outer court. Explore the spiritual strength of lineages, hierarchies, and initiation. This book also includes contributions from several practitioners, providing valuable first-person perspectives on what it’s like to be on the traditional Wiccan path.

About Thorn:
Thorn Mooney is a witch of of more than twenty years and the high priestess of Foxfire, a traditional Gardnerian coven thriving in the American South. She holds a graduate degree in religious studies and has worked as a university lecturer, public school teacher, tarot reader, writer, and musician. Thorn maintains the blog Oathbound for Patheos Pagan and writes a regular column for Witches & Pagans magazine. Her first book, Traditional Wicca: A Seeker's Guide is available from Llewellyn. Aside from her esoteric pursuits, Thorn is a competitive historical fencer, a traditional archer, and a seasoned guitarist. Visit her a find out more at











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