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Events Calendar: An Introduction to the Energy of Crystals w/ Alka Kapoor

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An Introduction to the Energy of Crystals w/ Alka Kapoor



Start Time

6/4/2019 7:00 PM

End Time

6/4/2019 8:30 PM

All Day Event


Event Price

Free intro

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Crystals have been in our world for millennia, they hold energy and information that is important for us, helping us to harness their power during these times of great challenges and suffering.

In this free introductory class, Alka will introduce you to some basic crystals, teaching you to connect with them and to use and work with them in your daily life.

Learn what you need to know to connect with our friends from the crystal and mineral kingdom, and how you can harness their energies for yourself and others.

In this class you will :

1. Learn to identify some basic crystals
2. Learn to work with the energy of Crystals
3. Experience a meditation and message from the crystal
4. Learn to take care, clean and energize the crystals

This is a free introductory class for a new series on Crystals that will be held monthly at Phoenix and Dragon. Each class can be taken on it’s own or successively in the series.

About Alka and her work with crystals:
Alka is an intuitive healer who has been working with crystals since she was a little girl. Having been attracted to rocks, shells and “colored sand”, she always felt that these gifts from the earth held a certain energy and power all its own. When she would pick up a rock, she would be guided to either take it home, give it to someone, leave it or place it in a certain position in her surrounding. She did this without question not knowing at the time that the earth was speaking to her. Now, over 1000 rocks, crystals, gemstones and minerals later, Alka has a collection that she regularly uses, talks to, listens to and gives away to those in need. The earth continues to speak to her, constantly guiding her and leading her to help those in need of healing, guidance, coaching and care.

Today, Alka incorporates crystals into all the work that she does. As a Shaman who lives and works in the City, she has successfully integrated her intuitive skills with her skills in the corporate world to coach and mentor those in need of guidance. Since having started up her practice, she continues to use reiki, crystals, shamanic journeying, tarot card reading, numerology, astrology and channeling to help, coach and guide fellow healers to realize their true mission and life path.




Every 1 month(s) on the first Tuesday







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