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Events Calendar: Protect Your Energy with Archangel Michael Class & Meditation w/ Jessica Valor

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Protect Your Energy with Archangel Michael Class & Meditation w/ Jessica Valor


Annex - South

Start Time

6/30/2019 5:00 PM

End Time

6/30/2019 6:00 PM

All Day Event


Event Price

Call 404-255-5207 to register.

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Join Jessica Valor to connect with Archangel Michael and learn how to protect your energy as an empath.

You will learn how to invoke AA Michael and work with his essence to clear energy and set up protection for yourself (mind, body, spirit and auric field) and set grids for your space (home, work, car, etc.)

You will feel clear and empowered to expand your energy and attract higher vibrational experiences and people who match your frequency qualities to enjoy happier and healthier relationship with friends, family, partners, associates and even your clients.

Jessica will lead you through a guided healing meditation to cut cords, dissolve roots and disrupt old energies that are not serving you working with AA Michael as your guide, so you feel safe, loved and empowered.

Message from Jess:
I am so excited to take you on a journey in this alchemy meditation class to explore how to work with AA Michael to clear and protect your energy as an empath! You will learn how to release/recycle old energy and bring in the new. This is a powerful experience sure to shift you into a heightened level of self-awareness and love.

Jessica Valor is an inspirational speaker, best-selling author, master energy healer and spiritual mentor who delivers her programs to thousands every year on the topics of conscious leadership, intuitive intelligence and personal development. She is the founder of The Healer’s Academy, Ascension Business Mastermind and host of The Jessica Valor Show.

Jessica is a clear and powerful conduit for High-level Spirit. She awakened to the strengths of her clairvoyant, healing gifts in 2011 after her own "near-death experience" where she met with a council of Ascended Masters and returned to life to help the world heal and move through ascension.

She helps people connect to their inner wisdom and higher levels of awareness to craft the life or business they truly desire. She loves empowering your intuitive abilities and dream visions, bringing forward your best ideas and desired outcomes.

Jessica believes we all have a deep knowing of who we are and what we want - with a little guidance and awakening, we are empowered to THRIVE.











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