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ReVive and Thrive w/ Christina Alexis


Annex - South

Start Time

5/28/2019 7:00 PM

End Time

5/28/2019 8:30 PM

All Day Event


Event Price

$10 per session.

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WE are a work in progress. Life is ever-evolving and so are we! The idea that we are supposed to have all the answers, every step of the way can make this journey feel more challenging. ReVIVE and THRIVE is a weekly group session designed to give you a space to renew and navigate life with the energy and support to reach your highest potential. Using various tools; some of the African diaspora, plus practices introduced by the group leader and co-created exercises, we will learn, explore and grow together!

This group welcomes ALL people. Period! Bring yourself as you are, the only requirement is an open mind.

Christina Alexis is a facilitator and guide with nearly a decade of experience. With an inspirational vibe and down-to-earth personality, Christina will lead the ReVIVE and THRIVE bi-weekly sessions engaging all types of individuals, with a set of common themes in focus:

1) Healing: Providing healing space w/a focus on self-empowerment using various cultural traditions, practices and co-created exercises
2) Voice: Creating a safe, supportive space to share experiences
3) Unity: Convening a diverse group of individuals
4) Shared Space: Curating a healthy and inspiring space for healing and self-exploration
5) Equity and Access: Providing affordable access to healing
6) Resources and Tools: Ensuring resources and tools are provided that promote growth in all facets of a person’s life
7) Restorative Practices: Engaging people in lifelong and potentially life-changing practices
8) Intention setting: Helping people maintain the path to life goals that will catalyze personal success

It can be helpful to hear perspectives from people who are not familiar with our circumstances and who have had different life experiences.

This bi-weekly session has the potential to help transform relationships, inspire action, build self-love and elevate compassion for those participating and for the people they interact with and influence…and more!











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