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Events Calendar: Kabbalah/Tarot Monthly Mastermind w/ Linda Horton

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Kabbalah/Tarot Monthly Mastermind w/ Linda Horton


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Start Time

4/6/2019 7:00 PM

End Time

4/6/2019 8:30 PM

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This monthly gathering is for those, beginner and advanced alike, who want to work with these two ancient paths. Each session will look at particular Kabbalistic energies (with corresponding Tarot cards) for the upcoming lunar cycle. (Kabbalah follows a lunar calendar.) The focus will be on how to align with these energies to make the best use of them for the upcoming month. We’ll explore: The Tree of Life/Sefirot, The 4 Worlds, Sacred Astrological Letter of the month, corresponding Major and Minor Arcana cards. Bring your tarot cards!

Linda (Sherer) Horton is a former reader/teacher from Phoenix and Dragon (2001-2009). She combines her academic and intuitive backgrounds, with her study and love of Kabbalah and Tarot, into a spiritual path focused on practical application in order to better our lives and our world. Her background includes a BA in Chemistry, Master of Divinity form Columbia Theological Seminary, and Masters in Jewish Studies from Emory University. Her areas of focus are Kabbalah, Tarot, Sacred Story/Text, New Thought, and the 12 Step Path of Recovery.











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