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Events Calendar: Past Life Regression w/ Don Simmons

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Past Life Regression w/ Don Simmons


Annex - South

Start Time

6/14/2019 7:00 PM

End Time

6/14/2019 9:30 PM

All Day Event


Event Price

$25 pre-registration & pre-payment required

Must register at least 24 hours in Advance;
Space is Limited; Reserve your Spot Today

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Past Life Regression
with Don Dimmons

Past Life Regression is one of the most fascinating topics of healing modalities as witnessed on Oprah Winfrey. What was created in another lifetime makes up a part of who you are today! The law of cause and effect, Karma, is a powerful determinant of people, circumstances and health you experience in this lifetime.

Discover for yourself through Past Life Regression why you are the way you are—the hidden meaning of your intimate relationships—the understanding of any difficulty within your life. By seeing it, clarity takes place and healing begins.

Don Simmons has been a certified hypnotherapist with a specialty in Past Life Regression for many years and trained with Brian Weiss, best-selling author of Many Lives, Many Masters.











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