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Events Calendar: *CANCELED* Shaman Intensive Classes w/ Don Reed Simmons

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*CANCELED* Shaman Intensive Classes w/ Don Reed Simmons


Annex - South

Start Time

4/27/2019 2:00 PM

End Time

4/27/2019 7:00 PM

All Day Event


Event Price

$125 per class.
24 hour preregistration required.

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Shaman Intensive classes are intended to take a particular Shamanic subject and explore it deeper than what can be accomplished in a regular class. You will get hands on experience in each topic and leave feeling proficient to carry on further study and practice. Shamanic work is complex and not everyone will get it right away. It may take time for it to fully assimilate within the Mind, Body and Spirit but this is the Open Doorway into the world of Magic - the world of the Shaman.

April 27, 2019 ~ Animal Spirit Guides

Take a deep dive into the world of Animal Spirit Guides! Truly discover the essence of how an Animal Guide works for your benefit and the different types of Guides here to bring it’s “medicine” to you. By Land, Air and Water, Animal Guides bring different energies, lessons and talents. In this class you will Journey multiple times to explore each of the different Animal Kingdoms (Land, Air, Water) to see how each one fits with you and how you fit with them. See for yourself how “when you wear their skin” you begin to fully incorporate the details of the “medicine” they carry as well as how to incorporate this medicine into your everyday life.

For the segment of Sacred Protection, you will learn the techniques of clearing and protection land and home. This is a valuable tool every Shaman needs to know. In addition, we will learn how to make a protection pouch (and you will make one!), and how to set up real and virtual grid.

Shaman Intensive classes are stand-alone 6 hour workshops designed to take you deeper into the world of Shamanism. Each class will have a different topic of study and reflection through the method of Journey or Hands On experience.

Other Shaman Intensive Classes:
April 27 - Animal Spirit Guides / Sacred Protection
June 22 - Shaman Ethics / Your Word As Your Wand / Ho’Oponopono/ Conflict Resolution
July 27 - Shamanic Ancestors/Past life scanning; reading/Community Healing
August 24 - Shamanic Divination: Tarot, Nature, Mediumship, Palmistry
October 26 - Shamanic Healing / Shamanic Tools for Healing / Balance of the 5 Healths
November 23 - Creating and leading Ceremony / Psychopomp











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