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Events Calendar: Awakening the Illuminated Heart Workshop w/ Jason Hunt

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Awakening the Illuminated Heart Workshop w/ Jason Hunt


Annex - North

Start Time

10/10/2019 12:00 AM

End Time

10/13/2019 11:59 PM

All Day Event


Event Price

$444—Full Four Days
$111—Deposit to Secure Your Reservation

Our days will start at 9 am and go until 6 pm each day, with breaks for lunch and snacks.

For more information, please contact Jason Hunt at email address:

Phone # (828) 575-3003

Register Here

Visit the School of Remembering to Register


Awakening The Illuminated Heartwith Jason Hunt

Come remember your essence, release old patterns, open to new changes in Life. Ascension technologies, pineal/heart connection, and MerKaBa activation.

This workshop is the result of Drunvalo Melchizedek's work and his life's accumulation of more than 40 years of knowledge and experience. In this workshop we learn: the Heart and Brain connection, How to enter the Sacred Space of the Heart and the Tiny Space of the Heart, How to fully open the third eye, Creating from the Tiny Space of the Heart, and more. We do individual and group exercises to help clear old patterns and open our lives to healing. The activating of our MerKaBa light body happens easily and naturally and is permanent upon its opening. By participating in this workshop our very connection to life will begin to unfold in new and uplifting ways. From within our heart we move from duality into unity. Creating, communicating, and living from the heart is known throughout our indigenous populations, from the ancient cultures all around the globe, and is now being remembered in our times. We are being invited to be a blessing to Mother Earth, Her children, and All Life. We only have to remember.

To apply for this workshop:
--First register online with The School Of Remembering ($15 membership fee).
--Next register for this Atlanta, Ga. workshop on the SOR website.
--When you've registered for our Atlanta workshop, I will receive an email with your information. I will contact you at that point about payment for the class, and you can send me your deposit ($111) to hold your place, or full payment ($444), before registration closes.

Jason Hunt is one of nearly 250 people certified world-wide in the School of Remembering® to teach the Awakening the Illuminated Heart® workshop. Jason came to Drunvalo Melchizedek’s work in 1994, and to his direct workshops in 1997. He is a long time practitioner of Ashtanga yoga, Kriya yoga initiate, Inayati Sufi Order initiate, and third degree Reiki practitioner and teacher.











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