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Events Calendar: Readings w/ Merry Bisogna

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Readings w/ Merry Bisogna


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Start Time

9/28/2019 11:00 AM

End Time

9/28/2019 5:30 PM

All Day Event


Event Price

Readings are: 1/2 hour: $75, 3/4 hour: $100, 1 hour: $125 hour
>Prepayment Required
Call - 404-255-5207
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Crystal Combinations for Your Life Path Explore the patterns in your life and how they will unfold into your future with psychic, medium and tarot reader Merry Bisogna. Naturally intuitive since childhood, Merry has many God-given gifts. These abilities enable her to connect with her guardian angels and spirit guides as well as those that have passed beyond this physical dimension.

Merry deepens her readings using meditation, prayer, the tarot, and pendulum as tools that provide guidance to her clients. Merry's sincere wish for every reading is to gently lead her clients to a greater level of peace and understanding in their spiritual lives while ultimately serving their highest and greatest good.

Merry Bisogna was ordained a minister by Colin Tipping, the author of Radical Forgiveness, and trained in mediumship with James Van Praagh. Merry has a background in counseling and has been a student of the I Am Discourses for over ten years.




Every 1 month(s) on the fourth Saturday







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