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Heart Wisdom Healing Intro w/ Paul Wong



Start Time

5/4/2017 7:00 PM

End Time

5/4/2017 8:30 PM

All Day Event


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Free Event

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The Heart Wisdom Healing Intro
with Paul Wong

This intro is designed to help you transform by unraveling deep subconscious programming that creates your current life challenges. We focus on developing intuition to solve life’s most difficult problems whether professionally or personally. Our work is based on ancient Eastern principles of using heart energetics to transform subconscious programming into wisdom.

Supporting personal and professional success with:
● Intuition and Healing Arts
● Physical Health
● Love and Relationships
● Peak Human Performance
● Flow in Business and Finances
● Happiness and Personal Growth
● Awakening and Spiritual Growth

*In this class you will experience how this work can affect you. Paul will be working directly with one or two individuals, followed by a group healing.

Paul Wong, international speaker, instructor, and healer focused on Eastern energetics and wisdom for deep personal transformation. His chronic asthma led him on a journey of learning the Chinese healing arts and spending time in the ashrams of spiritual masters in India. From working through his personal struggles, he developed the Heart Wisdom Process. It is the integration of his life experiences and ancient healing principles -- to teach a process to end suffering by resolving unconscious causes.











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