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Venus Dancing Backwards w/ Dr. Laura Tadd



Start Time

3/4/2017 10:00 AM

End Time

3/4/2017 11:30 AM

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Venus Dancing Backwards
with Dr. Laura Tadd

While Mercury being retrograde has become a bit of a colloquial phrase, it is not the only planet that goes retrograde. Approximately every 18-months Venus goes retrograde. This year on March 4, 2017, she will turn on her heels, and not be direct again until the 15th of April.

When Venus is retrograde, we are asked to reevaluate. In this talk, we will explore how to make most of this time. What should we prepare for in the preceding weeks? What should we avoid once she is retreating through the zodiac? What should we approach with caution or try to avoid? And equally important, how can we use this time in the most productive positive way possible? This period can make it difficult to get, or even know, what we want. But, it is simultaneously asking us to look at what we value, what and who we want in our life. It is a time to check-in and sees if those wants, those needs, still hold true.

March 4th Venus the planet of love, values, beauty and relationships will appear to be moving backwards (retrograde) in the sky. Before she turns on her heels there are a few things we can do in preparation. If you are planning a fashion or beauty purchase, such as a new hair color, do it now, before the retrograde. Venus Retrograde asks us to reevaluate what and who we like, love and value. March 4 – April 15 is the perfect time for Spring Cleaning, to clear out what you no longer like and let go.











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