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Make Food Your Medicine Intro w/ Evelyn Paul



Start Time

3/3/2017 7:00 PM

End Time

3/3/2017 8:30 PM

All Day Event


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Free Event

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Make Food Your Medicine
Info Session & Q&A w/ Chef & Ayurvedic Practioner Evelyn Paul

This free intro lecture with question & answer session is designed for anyone interested in taking mindful control of their health through the ancient wisdom of using everyday herbs and supermarket ingredients to heal the body; an important method of self-care, which is a key philosophy in Ayurveda.

Topics will include:

* Overview of Ayurveda
* Common kitchen herbs and ingredients and their medicinal importance to specific systems of to the body
* “Western Style” Ayurvedic cooking tips that are delicious and healing
* Mindful grocery shopping
* Traditional food medicine wisdoms from kitchens all over the world
* Indigenous wild and edible Georgia tree and plant and how to incorporate them into your meal plans
* Nourishing spirituality that makes healthy eating and vibrant living a reality for people of all ages, and body types
* Participants will get to sample delicious herbal, floral teas and tonics for health and detox

For almost twenty years Evelyn Paul worked as a noted private chef and caterer to some of America’s most discerning families as well as the Go-To Atlanta Chef Expert on healthy eating for Fox Five Atlanta, CBS Atlanta, and AJC. A life-altering medical event caused her to change her focus and inspired her to find a way to transform her culinary skills into a tool for her own personal healing. She has studied mindfulness and meditation in Southern Greece. Herbal and floral medicine in the Caribbean with ethnobotanist Laurent Jean Pierre. In Bali, Evelyn studied the art of pranic healing and color therapy. In the Himalayan region of India, she learned the ancient science of healing with sound, breath, and mudras.











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